Have you ever dreamed about a life of freedom, living and traveling around in an RV? The thought appeals to many people. But, once “reality” sets in, and they realize they would have to quit their job to fulfill this dream, these same people decide to put their dream on a shelf until they retire.

But you don’t have to wait for your life of freedom – you can have it now.

More and more people are trading in their 9-5 jobs and 3-bedroom 2-bath homes for a life on the open road. And they are making fantastic incomes while fulfilling their dreams.

The other thing to keep in mind is, when you live in an RV, your monthly income doesn’t even have to be as much as it once was. For example, a couple I know of bought a used camper trailer for $6,000. This cut their cost of living from $5,000 per month to $500 per month. That’s quite a difference!

If you’re ready to take your dream off the shelf and live full-time in an RV, here are some ways you can earn a fantastic income.


The only thing better than getting paid when traveling, is getting paid to travel. There are many tourism companies, restaurants, hotel chains and other businesses who will pay good writers to write honest reviews. Travel magazines are also always looking for good content about popular as well as off-the-beaten-path destinations.

And the theme doesn’t even have to be about travel. You could be a freelance health and beauty writer or write about pets or gardening and be able to work remotely, as long as you have an internet connection to connect with clients and turn in assignments.

Many photographers and videographers can also make a great income while on the road, providing clients with unique and high-quality graphic content.

Affiliate Income

You’ve probably heard that some bloggers are able to earn an incredible income through affiliate sales but were doubting you could do the same. Well you can, and you may be surprised just how much you can earn.

In case you’re new to the concept of affiliate marketing, the basics are this: you get paid to promote/endorse other people’s products and services. Many marketers make money through Amazon’s affiliate sales program, selling everything from baby toys to dog shampoo, sporting equipment and everything in between.

But there are other companies besides amazon that pay other people to “sell” for them. And this “selling” can be really easy when you are a full-time RVer.

I keep putting “selling” in quotes because when you endorse products that you use and genuinely love yourself, it’s not really selling, more like sharing some good news with other people.

This is particularly true with RV enthusiasts. It is such a unique community of people, and everyone wants to learn from other RVers, because as an RVer, you know you can trust the recommendations from people who are living the same lifestyle you are.

So, let’s say you have a particular campground membership and you absolutely and genuinely love that campground. You could easily write about it in your travel blog and provide a link to the membership site. You get a percentage of each sale. The same goes for any products you recommend like your favorite portable table, RV cover, tire locks, or even gravity flush toilet.

Depending on prices of products or services you choose, and how much traffic your blog generates, you could earn a few hundred to a few thousand each month.

Create Online Courses

More and more people are choosing to learn through online platforms such as Udemy and Teachable. This is making it incredibly easy, and lucrative, for experts to share their knowledge with others.

Whether you were a dog trainer in your former life, expert gardener, resume writer, or plumber, you can create and launch an online course to sell. The best part is, once you have one or more courses online, your income is hands-free and your courses can generate income while you do other things, like hike and bike and fish.

Get Sponsored

It’s not just NBA stars and Hollywood A-listers that can make money through sponsorships. These days anyone with any kind of social media following can get sponsored. From a sunglasses company to sports drink to suntan lotion, you name it, companies will support your journey if it means it gives them an audience.

It’s good to have a ‘hook to your journey.’ You can’t just get in touch with a company and say, “My husband and I want to travel around in an RV. Will you sponsor us?” What’s your hook? “My husband and I plan on visiting all 59 national parks in a single year for our extended honeymoon.”

Be creative and don’t be shy. You will be very surprised how many ‘yeses’ you may get.

Other RV Income Resources

  • Camphost.org: This job board lists the various campgrounds looking for hosts.
  • RVParkStore.com: You can find all kinds of positions here, from sales work to front desk positions to park management jobs. This is great for those who like the idea of staying put for a few months at a time. You can make some nice money and use that to spend a few months traveling and having fun. Rinse and repeat.
  • Workamper News: The subscription costs $47 per year, but it’s worth it when you realize the newsletter lists featured employers looking to hire RVers just like you.

A final piece of advice, don’t rely on just one source of income. Having multiple streams will give you the best chance of earning a steady income and also give you peace of mind. So, for instance, consider travel writing for clients while also maintaining your own blog where you sell advertising space or affiliate products.

Happy earnings!

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