RVing can be the absolute best way to see this beautiful country. But if you’re new to these adventures on the road, you might find it hard living in such a small space, even part time.

Most people have a hard time organizing all of the food, clothing and various accessories, not to mention kids toys and dog bowls, that are required when Rv-ing. Even the biggest RV interiors can seem tiny to those who are used to living in a traditional house.

To help you organize and make the best use of your small space, and yes, to save your sanity, here are 6 organization tips that will improve your life on the road.

  1. Install Shelving

You may find those cabinets in the kitchen just don’t give you enough space to store all of your dry goods, spices and dishware. An easy and affordable solution is to install lightweight shelves for more efficient use of wasted vertical space.

  1. Lightweight Modular Storage Bins

How do you organize everything from clothing to medicines to toys and games? Lightweight modular storage bins. Go for the clear ones so you can easily see what’s inside and stack them vertically in a way that allows easy access to the items you use the most. For example, emergency equipment like jumper cables and tow ropes, things you hopefully don’t use very much, can be in a bottom bin, while items like blankets and dried dog food can be in a top bin.

  1. Store Those Toothbrushes Away

Have you noticed just how tiny those RV bathrooms are? Even toothbrushes can take up a large amount of counter space. An easy and inexpensive solution for toothbrush storage is to purchase and mount travel toothbrush holders inside a vanity cabinet. A little Velcro and voila, your toothbrushes are tucked away, leaving you with more counterspace.

  1. Command Hooks – Your New BFFs

Command hooks work just like regular hooks, but instead of screwing them into a wall, they adhere and can later be removed without any damage or unsightly holes. These hooks can be a Godsend and keep your floors and drawers from becoming cluttered. Think about hanging everything from jackets to pots and pans, kitchen tools, hoses and towels. Command hooks come in several sizes and colors so you’re sure to find some that meet your needs and your personal style.

  1. Collapsibles

Whoever invented collapsible items must have spent a good deal of time in an RV! These days, just about everything comes in a collapsible version, from measuring cups to dish racks, bowls and colanders. Once collapsed, these items are virtually flat, increasing your storage capacity by twice if not three times as much.

  1. Instant Additional Counter Space

About the only thing more limited than the counterspace in an RV is the amount of honesty in just about any political campaign. But we digress.

If you could use some extra counter space in the kitchen, consider using cooktop and sink covers to increase your work space. They are extremely easy to install when you need them and just as easy to remove when you don’t.

Organizing your RV will not only reduce clutter and free up space, it will make traveling much more enjoyable! If you follow these 6 organizing tips, your life on the road will be less chaotic and more relaxing.

Photo Credit: Chris Dunphy

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