What is it about hitting the open road that appeals to so many? For some, an RV excursion is about having true freedom; the freedom to pick up and go at a moment’s notice. For other’s RVing is about experiencing different people and cultures. And for others still, life on the open road means gazing at majestic landscapes.

If you’re in that third category, you most likely choose your destinations based on the scenery you might spy out your RV window. With this in mind, here are 5 scenic RV trips to consider for your next vacation getaway.

The Florida Keys

If you were to survey RV enthusiasts about the most beautiful routes they have traveled, you would most likely find the Florida Keys would be mentioned. Often.

The Florida Keys is an attractive destination for RVers for a few reasons: the weather is almost perfect year-round (and oh, those sunsets!), there are a plethora of fantastic campgrounds, and perhaps even more entertainment destinations.

While all of the Keys is tropically terrific, do yourself a favor and drive along the Overseas Highway. Also known as the “magic carpet,” this 113-mile highway will show you what it would feel like to walk on water!

Blue Ridge Parkway

Did you know that the Blue Ridge Parkway, which stretches about 470 miles, is the longest linear park in the entire country? Beyond being big, the Blue Ridge Parkway also happens to be considered one of the most scenic to drive.

While driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will glimpse breathtaking views of lush forests, waterfalls, and bewildering flora and fauna. Our advice: pull over often to let your jaw drop. Oh, and snap a few pics.

You’ll be happy to know there are many Blue Ridge Parkway RV parks along the route to choose from.

Hermann Wine Trail

What do those RVers do who are looking for a short and sweet scenic route? They head directly and immediately for the Hermann Wine Trail in beautiful Missouri, and there’s no better way to discover Hermann than in an RV.

It may be short (one of the shortest in the US) but there is no denying that the Hermann Wine Trail is one of the best. But beyond being very pretty, there are also terrific attractions to be found along the trail, like wineries for afternoon tastings, museums for incredible art, and shopping for old and new treasures.

Alabama Gulf Coast

The gulf coast of Alabama is a destination for all kinds of RVers. If you love history, you’ll love exploring the many monuments and historic sites. Then again, if you love nature, you’ll thrill at the white sand beaches and abundant wild life (the coast is a birder’s paradise, FYI).

And for those foodies out there, you’ll be happy to know that the Coastal Connection is known for is glorious cuisine, thanks to an infusion of Spanish, French, and Creole heritage. Oh, and did we mention the fresh seafood?!

Route 66

We can’t very well create a list of some of the most scenic RV trips in the country and not include Route 66! This is, after all, the ultimate American driving experience.

Route 66 didn’t get to be the most famous highway in the country for nothing. This 2.448 stretch of asphalt is home to quirky and unique gas stations, diners, souvenir shops, motel and more.

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Happy travels!


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